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Our Initiative

We have created a platform for Muslims to help others.


MuslimsIn.com is established as the first point of contact for all new Muslims to meet and exchange their ideas, thoughts, experiences as well as share some time with others who are going about their lives as day to day Muslims


In addition MuslimsIn.com acts as a gateway to help provide any type of guidance or information for those interested in understanding more about Islam and the driving force behind the religion that is fast growing in all parts of the world


Our Initiative is a Two Step Process.


First Step: Getting people together electronically


We use the internet to get individuals, initiatives, organisations initiating communication with one another.


MuslimsIn.com is a platform. By platform we mean it is a tool. This website is a tool, and like any tool, it allows people to use it to help improve their chances of success.


We have created different roles for each registered user. Users register themselves according to their profile.

  • Individuals who are new in their practicing of Islam, as well as individuals who are keen to understand more about the religion can communicate with one another.
  • Organisations/initiatives can open communication with those seeking it.
  • Normal day to day Muslims can open communication with those seeking it.


Second Step: Getting people together physically


To achieve our objectives of providing support to new Muslims and knowledge to those studying Islam, we believe that physically meeting is extremely important


We have set a profile called an ‘Organiser’ which is an organisation or an individual who is keen on being active in coordinating this effort.


Organisers are the physical presence of the initiative. There are hundreds of organisers in all parts of the world who are ready to meet with you.




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