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Our Approach

We actively encourage Muslims, Muslim converts, and interested individuals to subscribe to our initiative.

We know there are many Muslims looking to help Islam. This is your opportunity to help your religion. Register with us today and become part of the community that wants to do something to help others. You do not need to be a Muslim scholar to get involved, your experience as a Muslim in day to day life is what we’re looking for, it’s what another potential Muslim is looking for.


We will include you in our activities, in whatever city or town you live in, there is someone living close to you who needs your help, but you don’t know it. We will put you and your neighbour together, remember, it’s your experience as a day to day Muslim that counts. Make a difference, Register with us today.


Muslim Converts
As a Muslim convert you are in a position to make a lot of difference to other people’s lives. You have taken the step based on your rational observation of the ideology of Islam, you have looked through the perceptions and into the reality. Your perspective is unique and invaluable. Register with us and share your experiences with others who need your insight.

You have made a difference in your life, help make a difference in someone else’s. You will also have the opportunity to meet others who have made similar transitions in their lives.


Interested individuals
We consider it a great opportunity to be able to provide you with answers to your questions. But we know from experience that after obtaining information and answers the difficult questions arise. Questions such as;

  • This makes sense but what next?
  • What do I have to do?
  • What will people think?
  • My parents, family?
  • Who can tell me more, and be there to support me?


Through experience we have recognised the need to provide answers to the hard questions. We believe we can help you. Register with us today, and we will put you in touch with those who can help you, whether it’s someone from the same city, or from the same background, race or culture.


Whether you are in Chicago, Sao Paolo, Cape Town, Osaka, Munich or Sydney we provide
the people who will be there to sit and talk with you. Islam is a global religion, and so you
will find Americans, Africans, Europeans Asians, and eveyone of them ready to relate to y
ou in your unique culture and background.


We have recognised from our efforts that sometimes it takes someone from a similar back ground, race or culture to better relate how Islam impacts them personally and as such re cognise the difficulties similar people would have. It is all relative, and we realise that.


So we have developed the platform…your platform, so that we can bring the people toge

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