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  • Become a better person
    Trying to show your family that Islam has made you a better person
  • Breaking the News
    Working out how to tell your family the news of your conversion
  • Dealing with Insult
    Answering constant insult about Islam from family/friends
  • Dealing with non-monotheists
    Dealing with non-monotheists (people of the book family members)
  • Explanations
    Trying to show your family and friends that you haven't joined an extremist cult, and that you won't grow out of it in time
  • Fallout with family
    Lack of resources to deal with fallout of converting (ex. What to do if legal action is taken by convert family)
  • Introducing your new beliefs
    Working out how to introduce your new beliefs and way of life into your relationship with them, such as halal food, hijab, alcohol, celebrations of non-Islamic festivals, etc.