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  • Assistance
    Difficult to meet other potential Muslims because there is no Muslim family/friends to assist
  • Cultural differences
    Not being aware of the cultural differences enough to know what are the warning signs to look out for in a prospective groom, many of whom deliberately target new Muslimahs knowing they have no Muslim family to support them prior to/during a marriage
  • Ethnic Divisions
    Ethnic divisions
  • Many Children
    Children from different Muslim fathers due to serial divorces and/or polygamous marriages
  • Married Before
    Difficulties for sisters who have been married before and may have children
  • Pressure to Marry
    Having to cope with people constantly trying to marry you off to anyone who is looking to get married, despite their obvious lack of compatibility with you as a person
  • Virgin Question
    Virgin question
  • Wali
    Lack of a responsible wali