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  • Cultural Adherences
    Being expected to leave all your culture behind as it is seen to be inferior, but then finding that most Muslims have very strong cultural adherences that you are expected to accept
  • Cultural Paradigm Shift
    Cultural paradigm shift-whites and fobs are so different
  • Da'wah pressure
    Coping with people constantly telling to do da`wah to your family, although you are trying to do it in the best way you know how, based on your relationship with your family
  • Dealing with convert profiling
    Dealing with convert profiling
  • Dealing with personal questions
    Coping with the apparent acceptability that it is OK for every Muslim to ask you very personal questions, although it would be rude for them to ask the same of people from their own culture
  • Dealing with silly questions
    Despite being dressed in hijab, having Muslims asking you if you are a Muslim when they hear where you're from
  • Factions
    Trying to find a place that you feel comfortable in a Muslim community, especially if it has factionalized and you aren't married to create an affiliation with one of the factions
  • Food
    Learning to cope with new types of food, but having most people not willing to try yours
  • Friends
    Lack of new friends in the community (not being introduced)
  • Mentors
    Lack of mentorship or support groups
  • Muslim because of Marriage
    Answering the question, you are Muslim because you married to a Muslim?
  • Negativity from Muslims
    After the initial rush of happiness that you are a Muslim, then being made to feel/told that you are inferior to born Muslims, constantly hearing, He/she is only a convert and therefore made to feel deficient/extremist in your ideas/that your knowledge is less sound/that you are less valued as a Muslim
  • Pressure to recite
    Having people constantly asking you to recite "Al-Fatihah" to prove you can do it
  • Repeating your story
    Having to tell the story of your conversion to everyone you meet
  • Support Networks
    Disparity between the support networks provided to white verses non-white converts in communities
  • When born Muslims don't get it
    When born Muslims don't get it (e.g. calling First Nation as red Indians), or approaching Dawah in a way that doesn't fit the culture of the audience