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  • Applying Islamic Practise
    Learning to introduce Islamic practices into automatic behavior, such as saying Bismillah before putting food in the mouth, saying dua before common daily activities
  • Arabic Words
    Lack of starter pack of commonly used Arabic words
  • Enthusiasm
    Learning to temper enthusiasm with knowledge and humility
  • Fundamentals
    Lack of fundamentals (basic belief system, prayer, importance of Quran/Sunnah)
  • Haram
    Being taught without everything is Haram with no justifications or explanations
  • Information Dump
    Information dump: All at once, different schools of thought, various opinions
  • Knowledge
    Finding sound knowledge
  • Learning Appropriate Manners
    Learning appropriate manners with: those who have different knowledge/follow different madh-habs, non-Muslims, non-Muslim family members, scholars, fellow Muslims
  • Tradition Vs Culture
    Distinguishing between cultural traditions and actual Islamic teachings
  • Unspoken Topics
    Unspoken topics: interacting with the opposite gender, bathroom etiquette, Islamic hygiene topics (Ghusl, etc), table matters.