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How do I ensure the privacy of my personal information?


  • * Your contact address is never disclosed on the website
    * We do not disclose any individuals contact details
    * After you submit your registration only your first name appears as well as the following information which are used when someone wishes to search for Muslims in their area:
    1. Name: Diego
    2. Category: Muslim Convert
    3. Country: Argentina
    4. City: Buenos Aires
    5. Age Group: 36-45
    6. General Comments: Recently Converted, would like to get to know other Muslims in Argentina

    1. Name: Nadia
    2. Category: Muslim Organiser
    3. Country: Switzerland
    4. City: Geneva
    5. Age Group: 26-35
    6. General Comments: Hello everyone, I am very excited about meeting and getting to know all of you, please contact me and let's go for coffee, oh yes and if you're shy, I have no problems in chatting online. Speak to you soon.