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As a Muslim Convert, how can I benefit from your site?


  • You may have converted to Islam recently or you may have been practicing for some time, in either case it is important to understand what it means to live a daily life as a Muslim, in addition you want to be able to relate to others like yourself. It is only natural that you want to share some time with people who share similar beliefs and values.

    Since we are an international initiative, we have individuals registered with us from all parts of the world. So we hope there will be someone registered with us who is also in your town/city. If not you can always contact someone from a different part of the world, or someone who shares the same background.

    Some Muslim converts register with us as organisers, which means that you can contribute to other individuals who have converted to Islam or who are keen to learn more. There are so many ways to benefit, you just have to become part of the community, and let things happen by the will of Allah.