MuslimsIn FAQS
Q1. How do you register in
Q2. How do you become an organiser?
Q3. Who are the people who can help me through your site?
Q4. How do you ensure that Organisers live up to their commitment?
Q5. How do you measure the success of your initiative?
Q6. As someone interested in Islam, how can I benefit from your website?
Q7. As a Muslim Convert, how can I benefit from your site?
Q8. If I register a Muslim friend can I still help?
Q9. What happens after I register? And how do I contact people?
Q10. How do I ensure the privacy of my personal information?
Q11. Do I contact organisers or do they contact me?
Q12. Do I contact other people, or do they contact me?
Q13. What do I do if I cannot find anyone in my area?