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Allah Loves Prophet Muhammad s.a.w so do Muslims




12th Rabiulawal1433 Hijrah had passed by.  It is the date and month Rasulullah s.a.w was born and the same date, Rasulullah passed away - 11th year after the  Hijrah from Mecca to Madinah.

Six years back I was given a chance to perform Umrah.  I knew all the while that the  makam of Rasulullah s.a.w is in Madinah - that's all !   We were in Masjid Nabawi early and many people were waiting.  I was with a good friend and she said - 'let's wait for Raudah to be opened'.  We moved further inside - I heard  a woman giving orders - a security guard giving advises - she said  'do not do funny things at Raudah because Rasulullah will answer your salam wherever you are'.   Then  I understood that Raudah is where Rasulullah s.a.w  was rested.

My friend was only 30 years old.  She said "sis let us run as fast as possible so that we could get to the front row" I said  'o.k'.  We made it to the second row after awhile - pushing our way in.  We have to be fast because many tried to come in.  It was an experience to remember.  Rasulullah s.a.w has prohibited those who visited him s.a.w from praying infront of the makam.  We did!.    I didn't know about it.  I was just following others.  Years later I read books and the ustaz too said Rasulullah prohibited anyone to pray at his  s.a.w  makam.  I feel uneasy thinking about it now. 

Therefore, before performing umrah or Haj please equipped yourself with knowledge of what could or should not be done in Mecca and Madinah.  It is vital because Mecca and Madinah are 'haram' - the prophet s.a.w  mentioned that we have to take good care of our conduct in these holy cities.  Your words or your doings will come back to you. True indeed.

Nevertheless,  it was an experience to remember.  A life time experience. I planned to performed Haj if Allah wills it.  It is something that I wanted to do so much - with knowledge this time.  I wanted to visit Rasulullah s.a.w again because I loved him s.a.w so much.  The makam was almost covered.  Only the upper part  is visible - steel bars.   Something to remember until today.   It was a great experience with three great man - good friends forever, then, now and thereafter - guaranteed - heaven for all.

Two years ago I wanted so much to send my salam to Rasulullah s.a.w and Alhamdulillah Allah had granted it.  It was carried by a  woman whom I had spoken on the phone but never met - a customer.  I called her when she came back from Haj - yes, she did that for me. I presumed she did mention my name because since then I felt so much closer to Rasulullah s.a.w.   I could feel the change in me.  I too have the intention if Allah wills it, to rest near Rasulullah s.a.w at Baqi in Madinah.  Baqi is where, the prophets wives rested, Syydina Uthman Affan, Abdul Rahman Auf, Saad Abi Waqas and Allah knows the rest - so near - just by the side of Masjid Nabawi.  Nearer to get the 'shafaat' of Rasulullah in Mahsyar.  Rasulullah s.a.w said places that we should look for him s.a.w  on judgement day - should be these three (3) places, the 'sirat', his s.a.w pool and the 'mirzan'.  Why?  because we need his s.a.w 'shafaat'.   Mahsyar is REAL.  No joke.  Heaven or Hell. 


Rasulullah s.a.w said the lightest of hell is  a slipper made of hell fire.  If worn will boil  the brain.   Thinking about it - I lost my appitite to eat.  Masya Allah.  Allah S.W.T said "He pardoned all sins - except those who said there is God besides Him.  Trinity!  or the idols whatsoever.  Allah loved His creations.  No one on earth should belittle anyone of His creations.  Thinking about it I  imagined  lines of multi races - human beings all over the world - black, white or coloured, tall, short or  shortie, all walks of life, brainy or dumb, complete or handicapped, with religion or without, normal or homo so on so forth. 

Human beings then and now are always resentful towards Him.  Still Allah S.W.T has always granted all wishes.  Giving all the time.  Once a while He will shake the earth. He loved His creations so much that He sent prophets after prophets to remind of the Hell fire - from Adam a.s  to Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and  Muhammad s.a.w.  They were His messengers.  Just messengers.  Not a normal postman though.  Their messages were free of charge.  No need to pay.  Somehow, a number of them  paid their life to get it through.  All the same - resentment. 

They had nothing to loose.  They were gone. None after Muhammad s.a.w. The last messenger of  Allah S.W.T.  Islam is endorsed and certified by Allah S.W.T.  The Quran will be protected by Him.   The duties are passed on to the religious man. More than 1,000 years had passed by.  The result are not  promising - one in million.  A hadith of Rasulullah s.a.w said only 70,000 or 700,000 will pass in Mahsyar with no question asked. The heaven is opened wide for these people.  Allah S.W.T loved His creations so much.  The question is how many loved themself.   Allah S.W.T said He pardoned all sins - except 'syirik'.   "syirik' to Allah S.W.T means a ticket to hell.

Let us all muslim remember that, no matter what other people said - take it easy. There are angry people around the world.   They feel that Islam is trying to belittle other religions.  They didn't know.  Hidayah belong to Allah S.W.T only.  Our duty is just to tell the truth.  Then we should be o.k.  We have carried out the duty.  Truth is painful and hard to accept.  Be bold because Islam is bold and tell only the truth.  This is one fact cannot be changed then or ever.  Allah S.W.T the one God.  Lailaahaaillallah is the Kalimah that we have to byheart now until the day which we don't know when -  Izraeel is coming to us and it is time to go. It will not be one second late or one second early.  Our permanent place will be shown  before the last breath is exhaled.  Lets hope all of  us go to heaven as the 'umati' of Rasulullah s.a.w.   Lets make duaa for all human beings to get Hidayah from Allah S.W.T.  InsyaAllah







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