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I love Al-Quran and the Sunnah

In The Name of Allah S.W.T Most Gracious Most Merciful

Dear muslim brothers and sisters.

I am grateful that I had the chance to buy a bigger and heavier Al-Quran last Ramadan.  Before that I was with a muslimah in the Zawiya.  She suggested that we take turn to recite Al-Quran until we complete the 30 juzuk. 

We were exchanging ideas, when she highlighted that I could get Al-Quran that has been translated kalimah by kalimah into our language.  I waited for her to show me the sample. A week passed by. 

Anyhow, I am a patron of a bookshop that sells various Islamic book.  On the way to the office I entered the bookshop.  I asked about  various version of Al-Quran.  The Assistant   showed me a newly printed Al-Quran.  It is 3 inches thick and 21/2  size of a normal diary.  It is considered heavy.  I slowly flipped through  the pages.  By the grace of Allah S.W.T  I was immediately attracted to purchase one.  It cost me 130.00  (later I came accross a small counter selling for 280.00 - the same holy book).

Each page is very light (could be easy torned!).  The contents is very detailed.  It has the Arabic Language on top and the translation right below.  It is done kalimah by kalimah on the right hand side and there are two 'tafsir' by  At-Tabrani and Ibu Kasir.  It also has coloured 'tajweed' and the hadith from Rasulullah s.a.w. .  The publisher has even supplied a CD teaching how to master the 28 hijjaiyah alphabets plus a booklet of Mecca and Madinah - significant sites pertaining to the  prophets s.a.w mission on Islam. 

I am thankful to Allah S.W.T to have owned this particular Al-Quran.  I have completed reading 30 juzuk.  I am considered slow.  I am going through it again 2 days before new year started.  I love Al-Quran so much.  I made a point reading it daily.  If I don't recite I feel something is missing for the day.  MasyaAllah what a bless. 

I have many complicated books - I couldn't digest that easy.  Yet I managed to understand what the Quran is trying to tell.   The Quran as a master guide will never complicate anything.  If  2.5 billion muslim in the world happen to read it at one go,  I am not surprised that it will talk to each and every one of us directly according to our needs  wants and intelligence.

I have been reading this 'miracle'  book so many times for many years.  I noticed one thing - it will not let any doubts unattended to.  All will be clarified and there is nothing to be brought  forward. It doesn't  matter big, small, tiny or a dot in the heart.  All will be clarified.    It is 0.0000000......% impossible - that it  is authored by any human being.

I didn't think so much before when I was younger.  I do wonder now.  I begin to realise that each alphabet and words in the Quran is heavier and sharper then the knief. I have been thinking about this for many months. 

I bought a book recently written by Syeikh Abd Qadir Al-Jailani (a descendent of the prophet s.a.w through the daughter Fatimah Az-Zahra).  I came accross a written message saying that Allah S.W.T words are sharper than the knief.  When it cut, it will cut  through - till the end even if the depth is core of the earth. 

No wonder I am always feeling intensed when the word Al-Haqq is pronounced by the syeikh reciting  Al-Quran -  I heard him through the microphone from the mosque.  It is as if I am seeing the blue ocean is cut into two by a mighty sword each and every time the word Al-Haqq is pronounced through the mic.  Al-Haqq  is  one  of Allah S.W.T name in the asma-ul-husna.

When an ant is mentioned. It is real. When dates is mentioned it is real. When marjan (pearl) is mentioned it is real. Every single word in the Quran is real. Those are real, true and everlasting words with zero defect.  It carry eternal weight and values now and forever.  Real words in all aspects and angles now and forever.  Allah S.W.T has made a challenge to  anyone.  Feel free to try. 

Each and every time I recite the Quran I feel safe, sound, sure and confident of it.  There is no doubt.  None.  Never - even if I wanted to find fault and be  prejudice.

I am speaking as a human being. Not as a muslim.  Just a human being like those outside there!



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