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A Happy Muslim

Assalamualeikum to my muslim brothers and sisters,

Islam is the skin that we are wearing.  It is a religion certified and endorsed by Allah S.W.T.  See surah Al-Maidah : 3.

Muslim is our conduct based on syariah.  The main reference is Al-Quran and sunnah of the prophet s.a.w. 

Islam is a religion accepted by Allah S.W.T for mankind. It doesn't matter whether we are borned Arab or non-Arab.  Islam is a simple way of life.  We have to believe this because some surah in the Quran (114 surah with 6,666 kalimah)  started with words as simple as alif, lam, mim  or  alif, lam, mim, ra.   .  Only Allah know why it started as such. 

The language is simple, non formal sentences. Who likes formality anyway.  Even if we speak to our friends and families or just anyone we always like to be simple and light.

It is sad to say that even some Arabs could not read the Quran.  This is a reality because Al-Quran is taken for granted.  I knew someone who doesn't - an Arab descendent who speaks Arabic daily with her children.  Islam vs Muslim. 1st scenario.

I am just quoting an example.  Sometimes being abroad too long some even lost touch, lost their identity and lost the practice.  It was a great puzzled when the Qadhi shake the hand of the groom and read the papers, a statement came later from the gooms saying  that  he was forced to signed a 'contract'.    Again Islam vs Muslim. 2nd scenario.

All in all there are many muslims around the world who are muslims in name.  No offence.  A lot  of things need to be corrected.  Al-Quran has another name that is Al-Furqan. It means 'highlighting the truth above  the truth' 

The prophets s.a.w made a clear statement before he left -  'I am leaving behind two important reference, the Quran and The Sunnah.  Those who abide will never go wrong. 

The question is how many muslims regardless Arab or Non-Arab abided. Muslim all over the world really need to check this out.  Shall we all go back to the Quran and Sunnah.  I think is  high time.  If we don't then do not blame others especially the kafir when they belittled us as what we can see now.  

Stay put in our own country.  Protect the country.  Protect the people.  Do not leave for whatever reason.  Allah says He  created Human beings and Jinns to do 'ibadah' only for Him.  Of course the rezeki is there.  A sack to be collected - what He has prearranged without being asked.  Our Job is to do 'ibadah' profoundly for Him only.  Basra was a city of knowledge once.  Surely the Sufis has left behind some good books to be read by many accross the Arabic peninsular reaching Iran, Iraq, Soviet Union.  

Let us all unite in the name of Islam and conduct our life as  muslims.  A True muslim prays five times a day.  A must for all.  I am not an Arab.  Alhamdulillah each and every time I recited Al-Fatihah following the imam of the Masjidil Haram, I could feel that Al-Fatihah alond from ayat 1 - 7 is taking me right to the sky, layer by layer in a 'voyager'   The feeling could not be undescribed.  Happiness without words.  MasyaAllah. It is o.k to be a begger as long as I could feel this way all the time until I die.  Amin


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