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MuslimsIn is an international initiative to provide information and guidance to:

  • Those who have read about Islam and have recently converted
  • Those who have read about Islam and are interested to know more
  • Those who converted to Islam and have been practising for some time


We believe that to support the people, you have to be there for the people.


Whether you are in Chicago, Sao Paolo, Cape Town, Osaka, Munich or Sydney we provide the people who will be there to sit and talk with you. Islam is a global religion, and so you will find Americans, Africans, Europeans Asians, and all ready to relate to you in your unique culture and background.


We have recognised from our efforts that sometimes it takes someone from a similar background, race or culture to better relate how Islam impacts them personally and as such recognise the difficulties similar people would have. It is all relative, and we realise that.


So we have developed the platform.. your platform, so that we can bring the people together.

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